Introduction to TVSF Edit

Many users came for many reasons, like to just have a break from chaos and to start all over. Even if this wiki seems more realistic and more strict, for some its not, for some it is. Just be yourself and make your station #1, because imagination is a gift to all.

My plan for TVSFEdit

With other wikis like this, there can be pros and cons. They have no limit, but you pass the limit, until you get out of control....and it reaches your breaking point....

but back to the plans.

  • I want to make this wiki more international, instead of being stuck in one country. I know users who live in places like Europe or Asia on wikia, and I think some will like running a TV operation.
  • I want to make the wiki realistic and fictional at the same time. With other wikis, they are mostly fiction. Which can cause a lot of problems.

Recent Wiki ActivityEdit

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