Ion Music is an American digital cable and satellite television network owned by Ion Media Networks. Ion Music plays music videos 24 hours a day. Ion Music is available over the air via the AirBox TV platform used by select Ion stations.

Music Video Blocks Edit

Ion Mix: General mix of videos
Ion Hits: Current hits of the moment
Ion Jams: Hip Hop/Rap videos
Ion Soul: R&B videos
Ion Rocks: Rock/heavy metal/alternative videos
Ion Country: Country music videos
Club Ion: EDM/dance hits
Club Ion Classics: Older dance hits (pre-2010, previously known as Studio Ion)
Ion Playback: General mix of older music videos
The Weekly Countdown: Top 30 music countdown show on the weekends

Availability Edit

Ion Music is available on most cable and satellite providers in the United States.

AirBox Edit

Ion Music and its sister station Star Television Network were also available over the air via the AirBox subscription television platform that is used by select Ion stations. Both networks were initially available on Ion stations Cincinnati, Toledo, Baltimore, Huntsville, Baton Rouge, and Little Rock. It was added to the Ion affiliates in Omaha and San Diego on September 28 when those stations began broadcasting AirBox programming. The AirBox programming service has since been discontinued.

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